The Rise of Digital Assets

One of the most exciting developments in the investment landscape is the emergence of digital assets. While many investors are familiar with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, a new digital asset is taking center stage, the asset-backed security token. Metals House’s security token, backed by physical gold, offers investors a unique and enhanced combination of features, including 1) the comfort and safety of a regulated security, 2) backing by physical gold - a tangible asset with high intrinsic value, and 3) the consistent return of a high-yield debt instrument.

Gold and Digital Assets are Complementary

Gold has many unique features which complement digital assets, including low volatility, intrinsic value (i.e. jewelry and technology), limited supply, and regulatory stability. For these reasons, we believe gold will continue to excel as a globally accepted and preferred store of value. In contrast to gold, digital assets have many benefits in the areas of portability, divisibility, and programmability, and can provide a decentralized and low-friction medium of exchange. Accordingly, instead of competing with one another, gold and digital assets are complementary. In particular, the combined benefits of gold-backed digital assets may offer the best of both worlds.

The Opportunity

Metals House Inc. (“Metals House”), a global physical precious metals trading firm, is uniquely qualified to take advantage of the complementary nature of gold and digital assets by issuing its gold-backed Security Token Offering. Metals House’s business model is ideal as it does not earn revenues by speculating on gold market price fluctuations. With its stringent risk management policies, Metals House earns profits by arbitraging the pricing spreads between physical precious metals as commodities (raw/unrefined precious metal) and physical precious metals as currencies (refined/good delivery bars). We believe that Metals House has a bright future due to the projected supply/demand imbalance. New gold supply is projected to decline as current reserves are depleted and costs increase to reach less accessible gold reserves. Demand will increase as global investors with increasing wealth view gold as a strategic asset that increases risk adjusted returns. Metals House’s competitive advantages combined with the demand/supply imbalance provides the ideal opportunity to take advantage of market structural gaps which include decentralized and undercapitalized competitors, onerous regulatory requirements and gold sourcing.

Metals House Security Token Offering

Accordingly, we are pleased to announce the offering of Metals House’s value-based token pursuant to a Security Token Offering. Tokens are purchasable in USD, Bitcoin and Ethereum. We believe that Metals House’s business model in combination with the complementary nature of gold and digital assets, offers the opportunity to purchase a premier physical gold-backed security token.


Our Expert Team

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Founder, Executive Chairman

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Founder, Chief Executive Officer

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Chief Financial Officer

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Managing Partner (Canada)